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London Wright believed she had been in love before, but she had not –not even close. Afterward, she fulfilled him.Rugged and stunning, Loïc Berkeley, is what she has ever wanted. Getting him to see was a struggle, but maintaining his love is still proving to be difficult.London is accustomed to getting exactly what she needs, so adoring someone like Loïc is a humbling and somewhat frightening encounter. For everything she’s in her entire life, he is the 1 thing she can not endure to lose.Loïc never desired love. He sees it as an unnecessary distraction that ends in disappointment, resulting in only pain.Then, he fulfilled her.Spoiled but witty and exceptionally lovely, London Wright is his undoing. Though he attempts to combat it, he finds himself falling for her.Loïc has lived a life filled with sorrow, but locating London brings him uncommon joy. Although his feelings for her are powerful, is exactly what they’ve strong enough to interrupt the cycle of his previous? If one is destined for heartbreak and loss, can appreciate actually change anything? ***Intended for viewers 18+ because of sexual content.

Book details:

Publisher : Createspace Independent Pub (17 April 2016)
Language : English
Writer: Ellie Wade
book size: 1.5mb

download free pdf book “Finding London”

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